Reason you must use Crypto as your Payment Method

Reason you must use Crypto as your Payment Method

If you are thinking about integrating BTC or ETH payments into your business, along with other popular cryptocurrencies, it’s time to learn more about it crypto web design, given the trends today. The cryptocurrency offers many advantages over FIAT. As of today, the cryptocurrency is still in its early stages, but its total market capitalization is around $ 248 billion. It’s no surprise that so many companies around the world are coming into our industry. Undoubtedly Bitcoin is the future of payments. Here are some of the benefits of cryptocurrency processing with a quick overview of how the system itself works.

A way to attract new customers

The number of people looking for goods and services with payments in crypto is growing every day. Your business has a unique opportunity to penetrate this expanding market. It is impossible not to take into account that, you also get an advantage over your competitors who do not accept cryptocurrencies.

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All over the world

The Internet allows companies to do business with any client from anywhere in the world. Even the smallest online store can now sell its products and services all over the world. Since cryptocurrency is decentralized, businesses avoid the hassle and expense associated with transaction fees and exchange rates. Thus, the business now has a single form of currency that is uniformly applicable regardless of location.

Commissions are much lower

When a business uses credit card payment processing, both the processing company and other intermediaries are involved in the transaction, all of which charge fees. Business credit card processing fees are typically 2% to 5%. With cryptocurrency, payment is routed directly from sender to recipient, eliminating all intermediaries and dramatically reducing costs. Cryptocurrency fees typically range from 0-1%, so using it as a payment method allows businesses to save significant amounts of money.

Privacy and improved security

Credit card payments are a target for scammers and hackers. When making cryptocurrency payments, the business is not required to share any personal data, since payments are completely anonymous. Also, thanks to the privacy of cryptocurrencies, there is no way to identify a buyer.

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No payment disputes or chargebacks

Crypto transactions cannot be disputed by the client. Additionally, blockchain technology verifies that funds are available before the transaction is completed. This makes it nearly impossible for customers to complete a purchase without sufficient funds in their account. What’s more, unlike credit card payments, the payment cannot be canceled. The business receives all funds immediately.

Online cryptocurrency processing

It’s easy to offer cryptocurrencies as a payment method on your website. You can drive growth for your business by providing a service that your competitors cannot offer but is trusted by existing customers. Integration is a simple procedure. Start by choosing one of the leading B2BinPay cryptocurrency payment providers.

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