Double stroller buying guide 2021

Double stroller buying guide 2021

Having to look after two or more children at the same time is a daunting task baby swing and bouncer. This task can be even more difficult when you have to travel with them since you have to ensure their comfort and safety at all times. This is where the double stroller comes in handy. The double stroller is a piece of equipment that allows all those who have childcare to go for walks while carrying children with them without difficulty.

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The type of stroller

Double strollers come in different types. Each type of stroller is designed to meet the specific needs of parents, childminders, or anyone with children in their care. The different types of double strollers are as follows:

Side-by-side double stroller

It is a stroller with two seats placed next to each other, hence the designation ” double side-by-side stroller ”. With this kind of stroller, it is easy to have an eye on both children at the same time and quickly meet their needs.

The double stroller in line / in single file

As the name suggests, this type of stroller is equipped with two seats arranged one behind the other. This type of stroller is also called an in-line stroller

The double stroller for twins

It is a stroller which is generally of the side by side type. It offers the twins the same transport conditions since the seats of the stroller are identical.

The double stroller for close-aged children

This type of double stroller is most often in a single file. The front seat of the stroller is usually reserved for the older of the two children while the rear one is for the younger.

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The modular double stroller, combined: carrycot, changing bag, cozy

The structure of the combined stroller is designed so that one can easily remove one of the seats of the stroller to attach a carrycot or a cozy. In some cases it is possible to change the configuration of the stroller to make it more convenient for certain needs.

The type of use

Thinking ahead about how you will use a double stroller is essential to making a good choice. If you’re in the city, a compact and easy-to-ride double stroller is what you need. This type of stroller is handy for running errands in stores or for navigating your way through crowds of people. For city use, it is also advisable to choose a light stroller, practical when you have to go up or down stairs or take the bus or train.

On the other hand, if you live in the countryside, it is better to opt for an all-terrain double stroller. These strollers are often equipped with notched tires, able to take difficult tracks such as those of country lanes. In addition to wheels suitable for all trails, all terrain strollers are also equipped with solid suspensions which allow the child not to be completely exposed to the effect of vibrations generated by the passage on roads with irregular surfaces. All-terrain strollers generally have an imposing and heavy frame which gives them excellent stability, a quality which is essential on difficult paths.