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European Microwave Week in Rome

EuMW 2009IPHOBAC has been displaying its compact tunable photonic synthesizer for frequencies between 30 GHz and 300 GHz with an ultra low phase noise of e.g. less than -90 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset from a 100 GHz carrier.

In addition to that we have shown a compact 60 GHz photonic-wireless systems for home area networks and for access networks. This system is capable to deliver world record data rates up to 20 Gb/s over short- to medium-range wireless spans.


Demo of Wireless Full HD Video Transmission @ 60 GHz

ICT 2008IPHOBAC has been displaying its compact 60 GHz Photonic-Wireless system at ICT 2008 - Europe's biggest research event for information and communication technologies. Our booth has been voted to be one of the best 10 demonstrations presented in Lyon. [more...]


Compact Photonic 30-325GHz Transmitter developed

300GHz TransmitterThe IPHOBAC project recently succeeded in developing compact photonic transmitter modules for generating continuous-wave signals in the millimetre-wave and THz frequency range. Tuneable signal generation in the frequency range of 30-325GHz is demonstrated, higher frequency operation is currently being investigated. The compact fiber-optic transmitter modules consist of antenna integrated 1.55µm travelling-wave photodetectors as well as of an optical lens for focussing the generated THz signals. [more...]



Modulators and Detectors

photo diodeOne of the ambitious goals of the European IPHOBAC project is the development of millimetre-wave high-power photodiode and modulator modules for communications, security/ radar and instrumentation applications. The activities are well balanced between technological chip fabrication and new package developments. [more...]



Photonic 60 GHz radio-over-fiber (RoF) access link with broadband wireless transmission up to 12.5 Gbps

Based upon advanced photonic components and radio-over-fiber (RoF) techniques IPHOBAC has developed 60 GHz RoF access links for short to medium-range broadband wireless data transmission. Using OOK modulation the IPHOBAC system achieved record wireless data transmission of up 12.5 Gbps. The system was successfully tested for short-range in-door as well as for medium-range out-door wireless transmission over distances up to 10 m and 40 m, respectively. When using high gain antennas and adequate RF amplifier we expect the maximum wireless distance the system could accommodate for 10 Gbps is in the range of several 100 m even for heavy rain fall. IPHOBAC furthermore demonstrated the generation of a 10 Gbps 16-QAM modulated mm-wave carrier using photonic vector modulation (PVM) techniques resulting in a more spectrally efficient system. [more...]



Ultra-Wideband Photonic Millimetre-Wave Synthesizers

Two photonic millimetre-wave synthesizers based on optical heterodyning in a high-power pin photodiode were realised in the framework of the IPHOBAC project. In a configuration featuring a coaxial W1 output port, a full frequency tunability from DC to 110 GHz together with a small signal roll off of only 6 dB and a high output power level up to -3.23 dBm were achieved. In a second approach including a waveguide coupled limiting amplifier, an even more flat frequency response was achieved for the frequency range from 69 - 112 GHz. Here, the power fluctuation within the entire W-band was below 3 dB and the output power level can be continuously tuned from -35 dBm up to 0 dBm. [more...]



Photonic Components for Next Generation 60 GHz Home Area Networks

Using photonic components and OFDM modulation techniques, IPHOBAC has successfully demonstrated bidirectional transmission of more than 1.25 Gbps over a radio-over-fibre system composed of a central station, 50 m of optical fibre, a remote antenna, an indoor radio propagation path of up to 15 m and a mobile station. A maximum data rate  of 2.88 Gbps is achieved with the same system if radio propagation multi path effects are avoided. [more...]


New 60 GHz Reflective Electroabsorption Modulator Commercially Available

60 GHz REAM To meet demand for a low insertion loss, low drive voltage optical modulator for applications such as radio over fibre and antenna remoting at frequencies up to the 60 GHz band CIP have launched their new 60G-R-EAM-1550 at ECOC 2009. The device which will also be show cased on the IPHOBAC booth at EuMW 2009 has the capability for combined modulation and photodetection transducer operation in radio over fibre systems.



Low-cost 10Gb/s PRBS (patent pending) and further high-speed electronics available

10 Gbps PRBSThe 10Gb/s PRBS generator core uses a novel approach in the linear-feedback shift register implementation (patent pending). The new implementation simplifies PRBS-core design and enables higher clock frequency at the same time. Therefore high-performance system was developed at a small fraction of the price of the brand commercial equipment. Pursuit of novel ideas and inovative designs will be the foundation of the spin-off entering the high-speed and high-frequency market of the future. [more...]



European workshop on photonic solutions for wireless, access, and in-house networks

May 18-20, 2009, Duisburg, Germany

Workshop 2009Co-organised by 10 European Commission funded projects this workshop will focus on photonic technologies for accesss and in-house networks as well as on bridging access and in-house networks. [more...]



Get access to the IPHOBAC survey on Millimetre-Wave Industry and Applications

QuestionnaireIPHOBAC is undertaking actions to identify technical needs and requirements of the millimetre-wave industry. If you are active in that industrial sector and if you are interested in getting access to this survey we ask you to fill in your address and help us in identifying those needs and requirements. [more...]



Photonic Components for Future Wireless Systems

I300GHz PackagePHOBAC‘s innovative Microwave Photonic technology is connecting the photonic and the wireless worlds. By integrating the best out of these two technologies, we enable broadband connectivity in communications, radar and instrumentation, says Andreas Stöhr, coordinator of the IPHOBAC project. [more...]




laser diodeDiode lasers are key components for almost all photonic systems. Within IPHOBAC it will be proven that sophisticated DBR and DFB semiconductor lasers are capable of generating spectrally pure mm-wave signals up to ultra high frequencies. [more...]



Integrated Photonic Functions

integrated photonic functionsIPHOBAC is investigating mm-wave photonic system functions that can be achieved using combinations of the developed components. These photonic functions will be demonstrated either through the use of hybrid integration offering a route towards low cost miniaturisation or by laboratory bench demonstration. [more...]



IPHOBAC Student Cluster

student clusterWithin its training activities, the IPHOBAC project opens a Student Cluster targeting to create a virtual meeting point of the community of young researchers in the microwave and mm-wave photonics domain. [more...]


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